The art of negotiation: don’t sell yourself short

Negotiation is an essential life skill that should actually start being taught to children in school. It is as old as mankind itself, and fundamentally boils down to a compromise when two people want different things. It’s the very essence of life itself—both on ...Read More

3 ways to de-stress during that crazy work day

Being a physician is one of the busiest and most demanding jobs out there. Not only will you frequently have to balance several challenging items at once, but your patients’ lives are on the line too with any wrong decision. Feeling overwhelmed is a ...Read More

Bringing hospital credentialing into the 21st century

You’ve gone through the grueling and frequently stressful job search process. You’ve interviewed, cleverly negotiated your contracted, and are all pumped up and ready to go. Start work?! Not quite. It’s one of the very unique quirks of working in the medical field, but ...Read More

How to arrange your schedule if you are a hospitalist

Hospital medicine has been the fastest growing specialty in the United States for the last 20 years. There are now over 50,000 hospitalists, working in a number of different settings. The traditional model of hospitalist work was a straight 7-on 7-off schedule. This was ...Read More