Why one moonlighting gig may not be enough

Physicians who moonlight can do so in a variety of different ways. Some doctors have a full-time job and moonlight a little on the side (exhausting!), some work-part time and fill in the rest with moonlighting—and yet others put together their entire care based ...Read More

DocsDox: A Movement Representing You Doctor

Healthcare continues to change at breathtaking pace. None of us can keep up with it. Simultaneously, physician stress and burnout rates soar through the roof. Doctors are leaving the profession in droves, increasingly bitter about how the practice of medicine is unrecognizable from what ...Read More

The art of negotiation: don’t sell yourself short

Negotiation is an essential life skill that should actually start being taught to children in school. It is as old as mankind itself, and fundamentally boils down to a compromise when two people want different things. It’s the very essence of life itself—both on ...Read More