Beware the new “online locums agency”: Not DocsDox!

The need to control escalating healthcare costs is well-known. With the percentage of GDP spent on healthcare hitting almost 20 percent—it’s fast bankrupting the whole country. Anything we can do to get the numbers down is welcome. Physician recruiting costs are currently estimated to ...Read More

Freelancing, coming soon to a healthcare facility near you

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10 rules for frontline physician sanity

These are tumultuous times for practicing physicians. The healthcare landscape is changing at breathtaking pace and less and less of our time is spent doing what we were actually trained to do: taking care of patients. The patient care part of your job is ...Read More

DocsDox’s 10 Pillars of Medicine

1.  The patient always comes first 2.  Doctors serve patients with total dedication and commitment 3.  When doctors are happy with their work environment, they are more likely to deliver excellent patient care 4.  Physicians require professional autonomy with minimum bureaucracy in order to ...Read More

DocsDox is revolutionizing the healthcare industry

  Healthcare in America is changing at breathtaking pace. A combination of the regulatory environment and changes to physician practice—all against the backdrop of a financial squeeze and an ageing population—are transforming the way that healthcare professionals serve their patients at the frontline. At ...Read More

Doctor, should you use a recruiter for your job search?

You are either applying for a job for the first time, or looking for a great new opportunity. As a  physician, especially if you are in a generalist specialty, you are in the healthcare job market at  the right time. In so many specialties, demand far outstrips supply, and you have your pick of the  bunch. But before you even begin your search, the initial question is always whether to use a  recruiter for your job search? Many doctors do, and many doctors don’t.  Here are 3 pros and cons:    Pros  1.Less work for you. Tell the recruiter what you want over one conversation, and they will do all  the searching and calling  2.Middle man. You may feel uncomfortable in certain situations like negotiating salary, and feel  better doing that through another person  3.Advisor. If you are working with an experienced niche recruiter, they can advise you on what  to be looking for, what previous doctors in the job have thought, and the salary and benefits you  should be expecting    Cons  1.Types of jobs available. As a general rule, the most popular and best jobs will not need to go  through a recruiter. It’s also very costly to the healthcare organization to use recruitment  companies, and they’d always prefer to fill the job another way if possible  2.Information. Up until the day of your interview, you are relying on everything your recruiter  tells you about that job. They are your only point of contact initially, and typically after your  interview too  3.The Sale. Whatever way you paint it, recruiters exist to “make the sale”. They only get paid if  you take the job offer, and therefore have an overwhelming incentive to sell you the opportunity DocsDox’s advice is to consider carefully whether you need to use a recruiter. Based on our  experiences (as with many things in life), the best opportunities come about when you go out  into the world yourself and search for what you want. Be a voracious networker and see if there’s  any way you can find your dream job—without the need for anyone else. If you are struggling,  by all means find a good and experienced recruiter. Look around and you’ll notice that most  doctors who are happy in their jobs, didn’t find that job through a recruiter. It’s hard work to do  things on your own, but nearly always worth it.  DocsDox is a service that connects physicians with great moonlighting and per ...Read More

When to start looking for that first job

You’ve probably heard a hundred pieces of advice about when to start looking for that first job. You are still in residency, ridiculously busy, and it seems like you just have so much time until you graduate! The truth is that it’s never too ...Read More